Friday, January 22, 2010

The Best Of List

We played around with creating a 'best of the trip' list all along our journey but never took it too seriously. Then the other day I came across a couple of well worn, stained, folded pieces of paper with our notes about what we thought was best at the time. I decided "what the heck" let's put it in a blog. It's a completely random, partial list. Maybe we'll noodle on it more and keep adding. We sure had A LOT to choose from in 31,000 miles!!!

So here you go...

Prettiest state sign we saw: Mississippi
Best Food overall: Northern New Mexico (second place, Louisiana!)
Best Beaches: Navarre Beach, Florida
Campground most like Jurassic Park: Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, Jacksonville, FL
Best Bear Sighting: Sequoia National Park, CA
Best Place to find Bigfoot: Caddo Lake, East Texas
Best Town for Original Art: Bisbee, Arizona
Best Coffee Huts: Dutch Brothers, Oregon
Best Town for Spiritual Art: Sedona, Arizona
Best Campground to ride bikes for kids: The Lakes RV & Golf Resort, Chowchilla, CA
Best Swimming Pool at campsite: The Lakes RV & Golf Resport, Chowchilla, CA
Best National Park: Zion, Utah
Hardest Junior Ranger book: Zion NP
Windiest Place we stayed: DeSmet, South Dakota
Best Science Museum: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sawyer's Prettiest Place: Florida
Robby's Prettiest Place: City of Rocks SP, New Mexico
Best Sunsets: City of Rocks SP, New Mexico
Best Kids Fishing: Columbia, CA and Arcadia Lake, OK
Nicest Waitress: Petro Travel Plaza, San Luis, CA
Most police presence seen on highways: Florida
Best Kid's Breakfast: Shari's Restaurant, Medford, oR
Best Night Sky: Bisbee, Arizona
Best and Worst other kids to play with: Caddo Lake, East Texas

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Mark said...

Just took the opportunity to peruse your website and this blog. Love the stories and definitely can relate. My wife and I did the same last June, sold everything and hit the road. We are currently out east in Florida and not having kids seem to be moving at a bit slower pace than your family did. I will bookmark your site and read more tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to post this info. You can check out our journey thus far here:

As for our list of top places we have now put Dry Tortugas NP just above White Sands NP for most amazing place. As for most police we would have to vote for I10 through Alabama; it is about 50 miles and we spotted 10 patrol cars over that stretch.